Review Alt-Trade – up to 30% monthly

Hey fellow investors,

today I want to give you a full review about a new long-term program called Alt-Trade.
I’m  invested for nearly a month now in Alt-Trade and had some good discussion with the program administration.

Alt-Trade launched on the 11.05.2017 for Russian investor and was translated into English on the 05.07.2017.

Alt-Trade is trading on Crypto Currency Exchanges like Bittrex and Poloniex to achieve up to 30% a month for us investors.


Alt Trade is offering one plan. Up to 30% monthly for one year.

The last 30 days we had daily earnings around 0.83% and 1.27%.

After one year you will have gained 360% on your investment, your investment is included in the daily payments.
So you have a net profit of 260% on your investment.


Payment Processors

You are able to deposit and withdraw money via ADVCash, Perfect Money and Bitcoin.

The minimum withdrawal is $1 and payouts are done within 24 hours after request.

Affiliate System

The affiliate system is 5 levels deep. Any you will get your commission on the earnings of your partners, not the deposit.

Partners Level 1 – 10%
Partners Level 2 – 4%
Partners Level 3 – 1.5%
Partners Level 4 – 1%
Partners Level 5 – 0.5%

So if one of your direct partners now invest $100 for example. You are getting your commission based on their daily earning.
Example: $100 investment | 1% daily profit | $1 daily profit for your partner  | $0.1 partner commission for you

Career System

In addition to the direct partner commission, you are also able to level up the hierarchy ladder within Alt-Trade.
With each level, you will receive a cash bonus.

To level up, you need a mix of structure sales in your downline and an own investment in Alt-Trade.

Level 1 – Participant
$0 Structure Sales
$0 Deposit
No Bonus

Level 2 – Assistent
$2500 Structure Sales
$100 Deposit
$50 Bonus

Level 3 – Manager
$5000 Structure Sales
$250 Deposit

Level 4 – Top Manager
$10000 Structure Sales
$500 Deposit
$350 Bonus

Level 5 – Expert
$25000 Structure Sales
$750 Deposit
$1200  Bonus

Level 6 – Director
$50000 Structure Sales
$1250 Deposit
$2500 Bonus

Level 7 – Regional Director
$100000 Structure Sales
$5000 Bonus

Level 8 – International Director
$250000 Structure Sales
$3000 Deposit
$12000 Bonus

Level 9 – Director of the Board
$500000 Structure Sales
$5000 Deposit
$25000 Bonus

Level 10 – President
$1000000  Structure Sales
$7000 Deposit
$50000 Bonus

Level 11 – Share Holder
$3000000 Structure Sales
$10000 Deposit
$100000 Bonus

The sales in your teamstructure are counted like the following:

  1. Partner Level = 100%
  2. Partner Level = 70%
  3. Partner Level = 50%
  4. Partner Level = 25%
  5. Partner Level = 10%

Personal Result

I’m in Alt-Trade for almost a month now and got a good contact with the program administration.

Since the launch, in May 2017, the program’s development is great and the administration is listing to our concerns and suggestions.

Currently, there are many things being worked on. For example, there will be a full landing page with your partner link available shortly, new pdf marketing presentations, webinars and banner advertisements.

If the market accepts the program, we will have some great results here in the upcoming months.

Personally, I’m invested with $600 currently and I’m planning to increase my deposit in the next days.

Feel free to ask questions or make comments down below.


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